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Nutrition Awareness For Life (NAfL)

One more contribution to the cacophony of nutrition ideas on the web.
(Hence the unwieldy thrown together name)

In October 2009 I started on the Weight Watchers Plan. I successfully lost about 30 pounds and over a 18 months had stabilized at as loss of about 20 lbs which placed me at 190. Since then I have flirted with 200 but mostly live between 190-195. Along the way, Weight Watchers has modified their plans a number of times, all of which I have ignored. I have continued to track my meals and calculate points but have been stuck in the previously mentioned range. While following that path I created a spreadsheet to help calculate the nutritional values for recipes. I’ve start to look at carbs as being the culprit and wanted to be able to track my net carb intake along with my other method. This led me to upgrade my spreadsheet and clean it up enough to offer it to others. 

This area of my site provides a way to publish the spreadsheet-based nutrition tool I use. There might also be some comments about the state of available nutrition information, the history of changing ‘official’ views and my journey to be healthy.

Download the tool.

To use the tool, you can download the spreadsheet that will run in LibreOffice Calc (download LibreOffice) or Excel. I use LibreOffice and suggest using the stable release which is the second option on the list.

Then you need the tool NAfL.xlsx or NAfL.ods (download).

Run in the Cloud.

This tool is also available to run in Google Docs which allow it to be used (almost?) anywhere. It can be copied here: NAfL.

The “almost” is there to indicate that I have found that it does not run on at least one phones (i.e Samsung S6), that I have access to.