Site update - 2/7/2015

I've added some notes: see Weekly Notes on the 2014 page and updated the graph. The knee has returned to close to pre-op circumference.

Two months

Somehow it's been two months since my knee procedure. I've taken measurements and notes and updated the data but haven't posted any text. I was thinking about that today and dug a bit deeper than the too busy with work and too tired from the struggle with healing. I'm five years older, less resilient and this knee was ugly. I was told that the recovery would be more difficult and that has been true. I've been self-conscious about that, feeling that I wasn't working hard enough to recover.

Back on Line

The site is slowly returning (with my Original title) as I start to document another round of stem cell procedures for osteoarthritis of my knees.
Check back over the next few days as I add new content and stitch together some of the historical posts.

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