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Paul Merriman - Paul Merriman is a retired financial advisor who advocates for evidence-based investing informed by history and academia. This is a link to his foundation which provides education and guidance. 

Support Software Freedom

Free and Open Source software now powers our existence. Apple's operating system is based on the open source Unix variants Mach and BSD. Android is based on Linux. Linux powers a majority of web services and Microsoft is open sourcing a lot (60,000) of patents to support Linux.

Save Net Neutrality

The window to restore Net Neutrality is closing. Add your voice!

End point - OA

Since my knees have been replaced, I no longer have OA of the knees. Since I don't exhibit OA in other joints, I will not be commenting on the progression of my OA. I do have the ability to provide updates on my bionic knees but with ~700,000 knee replacements a year, a single data point is in the noise. I am happy to provide comments on either knee procedure, so contact me if you have questions.


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